Matt Carlson

Matt Carlson

To Whom It May Concern:
For the last several months, it has been my pleasure to have Vaughn Bullard on my web and development team here at Strayer University.

Mr. Bullard was brought on board to design, build and deploy a system for Strayer to manage our most important assets — leads coming in from our potential students. Throughout our marketing campaigns and online collateral, we point potential students to our Request For Information form. In the past, our forms were displayed and launched on separate platforms and publishing systems. We wanted them centralized into a proprietary system.

As a Systems Architect, Mr. Bullard was able to take a very bare-bones set of requirements written by a team with little to no product experience and build out a tool that not only met those goals but also took into account business needs we hadn’t thought of upon product conception. He also had the foresight to build in feature sets that are easily expandable for future tool use and product growth. I have no doubt the Forms system Mr. Bullard built for us will be used for years to come and will be able to grow steadily with the needs of the university.

We would not hesitate to contact Mr. Bullard again should we need products built. His expertise is unparalleled and his contributions to the workplace as a whole are welcome and pleasant.

He is a highly-recommended addition to any team and up to any task put before him.


Matthew J. Carlson
Sr. Director – Web Strategy & Operations